Marian Bandrés, (Pamplona, España, 1969)

Marian Bandrés is a painter interested on the image produced by the mass media. She believes in the need of recovering news which day by day disappear from our reality but, at the same time conform it. She uses collage as a modern and still in force technique to re-apprehend reality. The resource images derive from newspapers, used in photocopy form that also mean to be a plastic element. The aim of her work is to «rescue» and bring forward by traditional plastic means (painting and collage), the realities which fade away or are concealed. That is why the use of photocopy is important and take part in the meaning of the work. The term «Rescue» proposes an answer to the feelings of a flowing society.


PhD in Fine Arts in the speciality of drawing at Bilbao, University of País Vasco, 2014. [PhD]

Master in Media Infography, University of Barcelona, 1994.


Since 2013_ Assistant teacher in the Faculty of Education, Arts, Music and Dance department, University of Zaragoza.

Since 2004 _ Teacher in the computer design area, School of Arts of Huesca.1996-2004

_ teacher in the plastic and visual expression area, High School in different places.


1º Prize, Painting, Instituto Navarro de Deporte y Juventud, 19



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  • HuescaTown Council , OKUPARTE 2007, (proyecto Golfiss)
  • School of Arts of Huesca «El deseo» 2007
  • School of Arts of Huesca Futuro 2008 , inside Periferias festival
  • School of Arts of Huesca, «25 años de profesorado», 2012



– School of Arts of Huesca, «El collage, instrumento de ficciones.» 2016

Presence in the web:
– Gestalten, German publisher, published in January 2017